I try to write reviews of every book that I finish or not. So this year’s ‘new addition’ to this blog is mini reviews. But these might not be published on any regular basis, just every now and then.
Anyway, here I have couple thoughts about Fantomah volume 1 Up From the Deep and It Ends With Us






TITLE: Fantomah: Up From the Deep
AUTHOR: Ray Fawkes, Soo Lee
SERIES: Fantomah
GENRES: Comics & Grapcih Novels, Teens&YA
PAGES: 112
PUBLISHER: Chapterhouse
Amazon // Book Depository // Goodreads



I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

First of all the artwork is amazing! And so many different cover arts at the bonus content, all amazing.

But the story itself was a bit confusing for me. Although it was fast pased and super fast read, I didn’t really enjoy it. I mean there’s a lot if different questions running in my head right now.
I mean, it started with Paz passing out at work, then her twin sisters went missing because she was late from picking them up after school and suddenly she’s thrown off if a bridge and then there’s the weeping woman. How did this happen and why?
Next thing I know, there’s this Fantomah who becomes a hero who saves the good ones and kills the bad ones and that’s it.

I don’t know, I was left to wanting something more from this. I think the artwork was the best thing in this comic and so I give this the actual rating of 2,5 stars.





TITLE: It Ends With Us
AUTHOR: Colleen Hoover
GENRES: Romance, New Adult, Contemporary, Fiction
FORMAT: Audiobook
PUBLISHED: 2 August 2016
PUBLISHER: Simon Schuster Audio
Amazon // Book Depository // Goodreads




I read this as an audiobook and I got to say that my ‘good luck’ continues with narrators!

And then for the actual content. First of all I want to give everyone a heads up that I didn’t get and tell you that this book contains domestic abuse. To be honest, when I read the synopsis from Goodreads, this was not what I expected this book to be about at all.
This is somehow an important subject this book talks about! And I know how hard it is to get out of and abusive relationship, how you keep blaming yourself. I truly felt connected with Lily and this book truly hit me hard. I went through millions of feelings and I’m still not recovered from those.
It Ends With Us hits the nail straight in the head, I mean this is perfect title for this book! I like Colleen’s writing and I absolutely enjoyed this story itself. As for the characters, I have to say that I hated Ryle since the very beginning. But Lily on the other hand, I loved her! And Atlas! I would have wanted to read more about him than I got throughout the book.
All in all, I cried, I was furious and I laughed. It is a good book if you can deal with one consisting domestic abuse, definitely recommend!






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