Greetings from Finland, the household of happiness and a bit madness! 😀 We are doing great, a bit flu going on, but other than that we are great! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. We did. Though in my opinion our kids got too much stuff from our relatives but it did gave me an excuse to start cleaning up our apartment and just throw away everything that we don’t use that often and now I can go and buy some new bookshelves! And books too, right?
I wrote one review that should be up on Sunday, I think. But for now I just wanted to give you a small update and I thought that why wouldn’t we take a look at my year in books at the same time! So shall we?

I read the total of 12,561 pages across 39 books!
The shortest book was
Adventures in Farland while the longest was Gemina.
My average rating at Goodreads for year 2017 is 3,9 stars, which is pretty high! I guess I’ve had a pretty good year in books!

5 star books

2 star books

I’d say that I had a really good year in books! I managed to read more books that I thought I would have time to and I hope that I’ll have at least as good year in 2018!



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