Well hello there every lovely people! It’s been a while since I have posted anything here, at least anything book related.And unfortunately it might stay this way. 😦
I am trying to get back to my usual reading and posting routine but at least for now it seems to be impossible. I did finish Red Queen and I’m at the last chapter on The Girl In the Steel Corset, so hands down on that!

But the thing here is that our baby has a lot of tummy aches and she sleeps super bad and cries a lot during the day. So far the only thing that has been helping her, is that I keep carrying her around our apartment while she’s on her tummy on my arm (I think that no one understands what I’m trying to explain here so here’s a picture to demonstrate!) And when she finally falls a sleep during the day and can actually sleep, I’m spending that to do something with our older kids. And during the night… well, let’s just say that during the past month the longest time I get to sleep during night has been 3 hours. So yeah, not much time to read since I do not want to spend baby’s sleeping time reading instead of playing with the other two.

BUT from now on I try to take some time to myself during the days and get some reading done and post at least some book tags etc here! And why? Because this and reading and horse riding are really the only things for me to truly relax and stop worrying or stressing out about everything all the time. And honestly, I think my head will explode if I don’t start taking some time for myself and just give the baby to her father to carry.

So uhm you probably don’t even understand half of the things I’m trying to say here. I’m trying my best with my sleepy brains so give me some slack, okay? 😀 Oh yeah, and I’m not reading or taking any review requests now since I have really limited time and I have a lot of other books to finish too, sorry! But I will inform you once I start taking them again. 🙂

Now I’ll just stop and close this whole laptop before this post gets a mile long with absolutely no point, so bye for now! And I hope you all are doing great! ♥


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