Our third child was born Monday and we got home from the hospital at Tuesday already. I’m still trying to read as much as possible and hope to get back at updating my blog regularly as soon as possible. But right now I’m just recovering from the blood loss and then adjust to the favt that we actually have three kids now. It’s amazing and I feel so blessed. 

Our older kids have been amazing. We thought that our daughter would get a bit jealous cause she has been a huge mommy’s baby this whole two years. But no! She’s super excited and just wants to cuddle the baby. And our son is so proud to be the big brother for two little sisters, he’s been amazing. And he will make sure that every neighbor nows thay our baby had been born and he now has two sisters. 

But yeah. That’s what’s going on right now! I’m slowly getting on my feet and feeling a bit better. I’m also listening to an audiobook of Glass Sword and I’m nearly finished. I’ll get back to blogging soon, I hope! 🙂

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