ARC REVIEW : Adventures In Farland


TITLE: Adventures In Farland
AUTHOR: Moshank Relia
GENRES: Children, Fantasy, Adventure
PUBLISHED: October 19th 2017
PUBLISHER: Rumour Books India


Mira Rawat has heard tales of Farland all her life from her mother, who has described the magical place of gnomes, fairies, mermaids and animals, and especially its wondrous festival, the New Moon Party. Now, Mira has been informed by a man named Bushy that she has been invited by Princess Harmonica to attend the party. Bushy also uses a spell to turn her two friends, the mischievous and vexing boys, Bira and Vira, into rats so that they will not disturb the other party guests with their constant fighting and misbehaviour. At midnight, Mira, with Bira and Vira snuggled in her pocket, climbs Gunhill and is picked up by the pilot Starhead and flown in his plane to the party. However, the flight is cut short by a terrible wind, and Starhead is forced to land his plane near the Lost Forest. There, Mira discovers that Farland is in great jeopardy. Another Farland resident, Windman, has been generating great windstorms to prevent the Queen of Witches from reaching Dragon Hill. She intends to release the Dragon of Underhill, chained in its den beneath Dragon Hill, so that Farland will be burned and completely destroyed.


‘Oh you stinking little fellow,’ the witch said, putting him into the bottle. She tightened the bottle, tied it with rope, and flung it over her shoulder. ‘Khee-khee-khee. There’s nobody that can stop the dragon from destroying Farland. There will be ruin all over the land. No more fairies, no more gnomes, no more princess and no more New Moon Parties in Farland. Never. Never. Khee-khee-khee!’

Adventures In Farland is a childrens’s book where we follow the adventure of seven year old Mira and her friends, twin brothers, Bira and Vira.
The three of them are on their way to the top of Gunhill to shoot balloons when their journey is interrupted by couple loud booms coming from a nearby bush. The booms stop the twins’ fight and from the bush steps out a man, Bushy. He has come there to take Mira and the boys to Farland. To the land where no one goes or comes out without the princess’ say so. But for the boys to get in there, there’s one condition. They must come as rats. So Bushy turns them in to the rats and from there starts a magical adventure in Farland, trying to save the land from the wicked witch.

This was truly one magical adventure for the kids! It’s fast paced which is good for my kids at least. They will be able to keep their interest in it through the whole story since it’s fast, there’s constantly something new happening and it’s short.

But even though it is magical, it has all these fantasy elements in it and it is fast paced and all, I still can’t shook the feeling that it was all too much. I’m not saying that it’s a bad book, not at all, I quite enjoyed it. But it was overwhelming for me and I’d think that it would be overwhelming for kids too. Or it’s just me and my brains just can’t take that much.
We are literally introduced to new figures and happenings immediately after one is over. There’s Starhead, Windman, dragon, witches, warlocks, giant, mermaid, saltman, talking dog and what not. After one problem is kind of solved, a new one pops out immediately after that. For me it felt kind of too much and I can’t even remember all the people and creatures that were introduced to us and I’m pretty sure my kids wouldn’t either. Though this book is meant for a little older kids than my 2 and 4 year olds but still.



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One thought on “ARC REVIEW : Adventures In Farland

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