ARC REVIEW : Macadamian Pliers


TITLE: Macadamian Pliers
AUTHOR: Steve Conoboy
GENRES: Young Adult, Fiction
PAGES: 321
PUBLISHED: February 16th 2015
PUBLISHER: Smashwords Edition

Amazon // Goodreads

Macadamian Pliers seems pleasant enough. After all, the Raines shouldn’t judge him because of his stitched shut eye, that twist of a smile, the strange angles he’s made of. He’s sold them a beautiful house… and he’ll send them screaming from it if it’s the last thing he does.

Frank Raine loves ghosts, so the fact that there’s one in the house is totally awesome. His new friend, Jack, ain’t that bad either. So what if he’s the local firebug and a serious liability? But these ghosts are not a game. They bite. Hard. And there’s a bizarre fellow lurking at the bottom of the garden every night, doing… something.

A car crash left Cherry physically weak, and bullying kids are getting her down. Does Cherry have any fight left? Because the thing is, Macadamian doesn’t take kindly to silly little girls…

Sometimes you really should judge a book by its cover.


Rather, it was his strange size and peculiar shape, and the unpleasant tilt to his smirking smile, and the unwavering intensity of his remaining eye, and the grinding gears texture of his voice, and the angled face that looked as if it was not born of humankind but hammered out instead in a metalwork class, and the deep crease of his thin eyebrows, and a wealth of other wrongnesses that Cherry couldn’t name that turned her insides to water.

Macadamian Pliers is a YA fiction, thriller I think? Not gonna put my head on the line about that though.
Anyway. We follow the life of this young girl, Cherry Raines, and her family. They’ve bought a house from Macadamian Pliers. Everyone else seems to be thrilled to move in except Cherry. She doesn’t want to move to this new town or even to this new house and Macadamian ain’t helping. He’s one terrifying looking man with that grinding voice and one eye of his. And maybe Cherry is right with the fact that they shouldn’t move. What’s going to happen in that new house of theirs? What’s going to happen to the lives of Cherry and her family?

So i received this ebook from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was intrigued by the synopsis of this book as well as the not so usual name of the book. But to be honest, it wasn’t that intriguing for me. It left me with meh and without any notes, I might not even remember anything I’ve read. Well, some of that can be blamed to the fact that it took me forever to get through this book.

It’s told in multiple POVs, actually we can see the sides of almost everyone in this book. I’m still not sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. It would have been enough with only Macadamian and Cherry’s POVs and some of the chapters felt a little pointless, more like stuffing for the book to make it longer.

The first maybe half of the book kept my interest and I wanted to just read and know what’s the thing with Macadamian and what’s going on everywhere. But after that it kept dragging along what felt like forever. For me I think it could have been way shorter book and it could have ended a lot before than it did.
There were some things that felt super pointless for the story. I still don’t understand the reason those had to be in the book. For example there’s this girl with her minions that keeps bullying Cherry couple of times, even at the end of the book. And why? I really have absolutely no idea what is the point of that being in the story.

All in all, it was pretty meh of a book for me. Even with more time to read, I don’t think I could have dragged myself through it any quicker. But this would be good book for someone to read during fall time. Someone who wants to read some thriller but it’s scared easily. This will fit for fall read but it’s not going to be scary one.



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