One Lovely Blog Award

Wow I have last posted Wednesday. I was planning on doing some book tag but kind of forgot about that, sorry! But I did manage to finish The Devil’s Advocate! I’ll post that review next week, closer to the release day. I’m also halfway through Crooked Kingdom guys!! And I’m liking it much more than I liked Six of Crows, though I’m still not jumping on the Kaz hype train.

But I had some real reason for this post too! It’s another award for my little blog! I was nominated by the lovely Alex @ coffeeloving bookoholic, thank you so much ❤ I’m so honored and thankful (is that right word?) to every one of you guys whom have nominated this little blog!


The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 bloggers and inform them of the nomination

7 Facts About Hanna

♦ I’m already struggling here! So let’s start with something easy. We have a dog, French Bulldog. Her name is Hertta and she’s 6 years old. She’s annoying as f**** (I think the reason for that is that we are so a like. Both so strong about our ‘opinions’ that we usually disagree about every rule there is for that doggie) but also she’s our first baby and first dog me and my fiancé bought together.

♦ Making the decision to go back to school and study something that I enjoy was probably the hardest decision for me after my first kid was born. I’m so dedicated to my kids that I tend to forget about my own wants and desires and put their wants and lives first. At first I felt little bad for having to spend so much time in school and all the work which was all away from the time spent with my kids that I got a little depressed. But now I’ve realized that it was just silly of me. Even though if I haven’t started school, I would have had to find a job and that would have taken my time from kids. At least now they can be mostly at home with me without the need to put them in daycare.


♦ I would love to travel to France, Germany etc but I’m afraid of flying. I think I’ve watched too many movies as a kid where planes have crashed, then there was the one with snakes and also some people sometimes teased me about how the plane will definitely crash when I’m flying that I just can’t bear to get in a plane. I know it’s probably the safest way to travel but no, it’s not for me. Maybe someday I’ll get over it and actually get somewhere?!

♦ Since I don’t really travel outside Finland, Estonia and Sweden (I can get there with ship), books are my way of travel. I’m sure I’ve been in many more different countries than anyone else in my family.

♦ I was 15 when I was kicked out of my mom’s place. Luckily I was studying in different city and mostly lived at the school but when the holidays came, I had no place to be. But lucky for me, I was already together with my fiancé and his mother was super lovely and let me stay at their place ❤ I’m super grateful for her and I just don’t know how I would have survived without them.

♦ If I have to find something good about being kicked out from home, there is one. I think it made me stronger and I have been more successful and determined with everything in my life.


♦ Well this is super depressing post, lol. Maybe I should tell something nice? I’m super happy with my life, I wouldn’t change any of my decisions about what to do with my life. Except maybe I would encourage my 15yo self to by the books she wants to buy! And I really need to buy new bookshelf! I only have one shelf for books and I can’t fit them there anymore.


So that’s it! Thanks again Alex  ❤ Here’s my nominees (and feel free to ignore if you don’t do this stuff or something):

♦ Ally – Ally Writes Things
♦ Danielle – Life of a Literary Nerd
♦ Kourtni – Kourtni Reads
♦ Darque Dreamer – Darque Dreamer Reads
♦ Delphine – Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads

I’m off to read all the posts I haven’t read yet


Use this link to get to Book Depository and I’ll receive a small commission and you can buy some awesome books with free shipping!

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