REVIEW : Knights of the Borrowed Dark


TITLE: Knights of the Borrowed Dark
AUTHOR: Dave Rudden
SERIES: Knights of the Borrowed Dark Trilogy
GENRES: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Fiction, Adventure
PAGES: 368
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHED: April 7th 2016

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Grey placed his finger in the middle of the shadow. ‘What’s this?’ he asked.
Denizen frowned. ‘It’s a shadow.’
‘No, it isn’t,’ Grey said. ‘It’s a door.’

Denizen Hardwick doesn’t believe in magic – until he’s ambushed by a monster created from shadows and sees it destroyed by a word made of sunlight.

That kind of thing can really change your perspective.

Now Denizen is about to discover that there’s a world beyond the one he knows. A world of living darkness where an unseen enemy awaits.

Fortunately for humanity, between us and the shadows stand the Knights of the Borrowed Dark.
Unfortunately for Denizen, he’s one of them…


Denizen Hardwick is a nearly 13 year old boy of many frowns, 24 frowns to be exact. He has different frown for everything, for being confused for example.
He has been living in the orphanage for eleven years now, ever since his parents died. He has a friend, Simon, whom he has known nearly from his first day. They have became best friends but then comes the day when Denizen receives a note saying that his aunt will be picking him up that evening for couple of days. Denizen has really mixed feelings about that. He has been an orphan over ten years and now his aunt appears to pick him up?! When the car comes to pick Denizen up, it’s not his aunt but her colleague Grey who’s driving. From the moment Denizen gets in the car, his life is about to change completely. He’ll discover that the birthday he’s known until this day, is actually a lie and he will be fighting against the living darkness for the rest of his life if he decides to stay.

Despite the fact that it took me a long time to read this, is actually not the books fault but actually life got in the way. I truly enjoyed this book even though it is middle grade which I rarely read!
What I liked the most is the fact that this was a fast-moving adventure. It doesn’t dwell on things too long but actually moves forward. And while sometimes fast-moving stories can be bad for character and plot development, it’s not a problem with this book.

Denizen started as a super annoying little boy and through the adventure he grew to be an actual Knight of the Borrowed Dark. Almost all the frowning and whining was left in the past.
As well as Vivian, his absentee aunt. She was one cold woman at the beginning but until the end she turned out to be something completely different, not so cold anymore.

And from Vivian we get to the twists at the end! From Denizen and Grey’s first meeting, I really liked Grey! He’s a badass Knight but at the same time he was the humorous one. Everyone else seemed to be kind of dark – well no surprise regarding their job – but Grey managed to make fun comments almost about anything. But still the changes concerning him was predictable. But there still was one twist coming that I didn’t see! And maybe there were hints of it but my brains just couldn’t get to those but damn my jaw dropped on the floor!
Then there’s Simon. He has few of his own chapters during the story and I kept thinking all the possibilities for him. Why he was important character enough to have his own chapters? What is his agenda? It was nice to have someone else’s POV on all the things going on but still it was kind of easy to figure out what he is. Though still I kept going through all different things he might be for.

Though I hardly ever read middle grade books, I’m glad I picked this up from our library! It was fast-moving yet still exciting read and for that it deserves 4,5 stars.




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