TOP 5 TUESDAY: Books I’ve Read Back In School


Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Basically every week there’s different topic to list your own top 10, though I do them as top 5. Todays topic is Back To School Freebie and I chose top 5 books I’ve read during my years in school.


The Diary of a Young Girl
This is one of my all time favorites I’ve ever been told to read back in school. And also one of the most heartbreaking ones. I’ve read this one so many times already and I’m sure I’ll be reading it many times more.

Here in Our Auschwitz // An Exclusive Love: A Memoir
Can you tell already that the holocaust is the most interesting part in history for me? I’ve read every single book in our local library that has something to do with the holocaust and I hope to be able to visit Auschwitz some day. These first three books are honestly the only books that were assigned to us that I actually wanted to read. The last two books in this list are books that I got to choose myself.
If you know any other books about this time, feel free to recommend! 🙂


Seven Brothers
This one I had to read at high school and make an essay out of it. I know it’s the most and first significant book written by Finnish author but damn it was hard to read. But it was the only one that I felt even a little to read from the list we got so I read it and passed.


Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen is someone I just adore. She was a magnificent woman for me at least. Unfortunately this is yet the one and only book I’ve read from her but I’ll most definitely read the others too!

These are the ones that I’ve actually read back in school and enjoyed reading. Though the Seven Brothers was kind of hard to finish, not something I enjoyed, but the others were something I truly wanted to read and enjoyed.


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