BOOK TAG : Zombie Apocalypse


Hello everyone! It’s time for some book tag today. I saw this tag at Sydney’s Shelves and I think it looked super fun! This one also fits in with the fact that I’ve been binge watching The Walking Dead for the past few days. I know I’m super late to that series but I just never realized how good that actually is and now I’m completely hooked. But let’s get on with the tag.

♦ Choose 5 books
♦ Randomly set up your books in order
♦ Flip to a random page in the book and write the first two names you see
♦ Put the names in the categories listed below in the order you saw them!
♦ Cry at how screwed you are…

The first person to die
Alice from Furthermore. Well uhm, on one hand I wouldn’t be surprised. I mean, she does tend to do things on her own rather than listen to the ones who knows what to do

The person you trip to escape the zombies
Oliver from Furthermore. I’m gonna be in trouble if I trip him. At least at Furthermore he was pretty clever and knew what to do!

The person that trips you to get away from the zombies
Hagrid from Harry Potter. Haha! I’d forgive him, okay? I mean he’s so big and in case of panic happening because of zombie attack, he might not even see me and trip me by accident.

The team idiot
Harry from Harry Potter. Well I guess we are all a bit idiots if Harry’s the one who’s most idiotic.

The brains of the group
Ezra from Illuminae. I can see this happening, but I’d feel a bit safer if Kady was the brains of our group.

The team medic
Kady from Illuminae. She could totally manage this job! She cares about others and is willing to help everyone.

The weapons expert
Cinder from Cinder. We will have some serious kick ass weapons!!

The team brawler
Iko from Cinder. This is something I can’t even imagine to happen. I mean first of all Iko is their android and second it doesn’t even stand up with Adri. I guess there won’t be any huge fights, lol.

The first to turn into a zombie
Dorian from Throne of Glass. BYE BYE! Maybe I’d shed couple tears for you but wouldn’t stay mourning. I really don’t like Dorian that much, team Chaol forever!

The team leader
Sam from Throne of Glass. Uhhuh, I have to admit that this is something I don’t know about. I mean I do know he was with Celaena before he died but that’s all. 😀

This team does seem to be something that could survive, at least for a while. And if Sam has been with Celaena, he can’t be that bad of a leader, right? We’d definitely survive a while. We do have one android in our group too so Iko could do the scavenging without turning into zombie.


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