REVIEW : Furthermore


TITLE: Furthermore
AUTHOR: Tahereh Mafi
GENRES: Fiction, Fantasy, Middle Grade
PAGES: 416
PUBLISHED: September 1st 2016

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Once upon a time,
a girl was forgot…

In a world brimming with colour and magic, Alice’s pale skin and milk-white hair mark her as an outcast. For the people of Ferenwood, colour and magic are one and the same. Alice is determined to prove her magical abilities and solve the mystery of her father’s disappearance.

To do so she’ll have to travel into the mythical, dangerous land of Furthermore. But nothing there is as it seems, and Alice may never find her way home…


Her hair and skin were white as milk; her heart and soul as soft as silk. Her eyes alone had been spared a spot of color: only just clinging to the faintest shade of honey. It was the kind of child her world could not appreciate.

So, Furthermore. I think this is kind of a Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland retelling or at least it’s heavily written based on that one.
The MC of this book is a young girl, Alice, whom will have her 12th birthday coming up in few days. That means it’s time for her Surrender and she’d be given a task to complete. But then Oliver appears, the boy who told her back at the time that she’s ugly, and asks Alice to help him with his task. Oliver received his task year ago at his Surrender and still haven’t managed to complete it.
After twists and turns Alice indeed ends up going on an adventure with Oliver, into Furthermore, to fulfill Oliver’s task and solve the mystery of Alice’s father’s disappearance.

Another super hyped book I decided to buy only because of the hype. And of course because of all the hype, I had super high expectations toward this story. And lately, unfortunately, all the hyped books has let me down. Mainly I think it’s just because I get so much in to all the hype and am all like “this is going to be the best book I’ve ever read!!!! I’m gonna shout to the whole world to read this book”. Yeah, totally get overly excited.
Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad book, absolutely not! I did enjoy this book, I really did. Not just as much as I thought I would. First of all my first thought after starting this was: “Are they actually humans or something else?”. I got so sidetracked from the very beginning and the further I got, the stupider I felt. They are indeed humans, I just didn’t realize that. I got too stuck with the fact that Alice ate flowers instead of real food. And well since I don’t think that, in here at least, flowers are edible, I immediately thought they are something else, but that’s just me and my stupid brain.

I like Alice and Oliver. How they are acting like the children of their age usually do. Alice with all her stubbornness and refusing to do as told. Though it did get a bit annoying at some point that even though she knew that Oliver had been at Furthermore before, she still refused to believe him and do as he told. Until things happened, at least.

Oh and I really liked the fact that there was a narrator in this book! I think it was a nice twist to the story that sometimes there was actually someone talking, someone who had heard the story from Alice and Oliver.
But there was one thing bothering me though. Again, this is probably just a problem in my head.
This is supposedly a middle grade book, for ages 8-12, right? There is some stuff in this book that I think are more suitable to ages over 12, not under. But again, I think this only bothers me. SPOILER I mean, there is kind of cannibalism in this book. The citizens of Furthermore would want to eat them because of their magic. Then the ladies of the Still. They are actually raking their faces and drawing blood because Alice and Oliver were moving at Still? END SPOILER I don’t think that’s something suitable for 8 year olds.

Still, this was a story I liked and quite enjoyed reading. I did feel the urge to skip some pages to get over with the journey already and for that only 3 stars. It was kind of too long adventure from village to village for me.



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2 thoughts on “REVIEW : Furthermore

  1. […] Furthermore was the third book you voted and probably the worse of all of these that I read. It wasn’t bad, but I don’t think it lived up to the hype for me, not at all. I have a bad habit to get really excited of every hyped book there is. And then of course, I have really high expectations of that hyped book. I mean if all you hear from some book is five star ratings that are admiring the book up to the stars, why wouldn’t you think it’s going to be mind blowing book?! I might be the only one to actually be this way, but that’s me okay. And for that I think I have to stop reading all the hyped books 😀 Number of Pages: 416 Total Stars: ☆☆☆ Review […]


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